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Educational Level and Life Satisfaction a Comparison Between Greece & Turkey

In this research, Greece, a European Union member state of Union since 1981, and Turkey, an associate member since 1963, are examined, analyzed and compared regarding the differences between education levels and life satisfaction. As an introduction a general overview of Turkish and Greek current economies is given. Gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) of Turkey based on sectors and based on sources of funds is given in the schemes. Total GERD spending is basically in higher education sector in Turkey. The scientific publications increased by years since 2000. Another R&D indicator is the number of patent applications showing that the technological level of the country has a considerable increase in Turkey. According to the results of the research, Education and Life Satisfaction factors of cross cultural dimension are statistically significant between two countries (p<0, 05). Education levels are higher in Greece. Greek participants seem to be more satisfied from education, accommodation, health and social life.