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Impact of education on economic security of a state

This paper analyses the link between education and economic security and how education can influence the level of economic vulnerability of any country. 
Speaking about education as a tool to enhance economic security, we refer to „economic security” used in two senses: firstly, at the individual level, education is the main instrument in assuring economic security of each of us; secondly, at the national level, preparing a competitive high-skilled workforce. In the XXI century, when we can say that there is a new world, we have to ask ourselves what are the skills that are going to be our competitive advantage. On the one hand, it’s a truism that more money alone won’t address our educational challenges. On the other hand, our national competitiveness depends directly on education because it is a powerful driver of national economic growth. Education is one of the main instruments by which economic security is being achieved by many countries. Education has to be managed in such a way to facilitate economic development. This will help countries to develop their national security strategy despite the challenges imposed by globalization. 
Nowadays, there are numerous factors, both internal and external, that increase the vulnerability of the country. Instable government, inequality, unskilled labour force, all these increase economic insecurity. Unless education sector will not manage these challenges, the nations will have no clear future.
The purpose of this paper is to determine the impact of education on the individual development and on the national economic development in order to assure economic security of the country.