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Adam A.
Collegium of World Economy, Warsaw School of Economics
Polish European Community Studies Association

Adam A. Ambroziak, Ph.D., Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics; member of the Science Board of the Collegium of World Economy; specializing in the EU internal market policy, state aid policy, cohesion policy, common commercial policy, industrial policy, and in using EU funds; expert in decision-making process in the European Union and in the EU lobbing; Head of Postgraduate Programme in Administration and Management and Postgraduate Programme in European Funds Management; author of over 100 scientific publications and analyses on the EU economic policy, state aid policy, and on EU internal market drafted for Polish administration and international organisations; lecturer and trainer in European economic integration and in European lobbing; actively involved in Poland’s EU association, accession negotiations and in the adjustment of the Polish legal system and economy to the provisions of the Europe Agreement; currently takes part in decision-making process in the EU in the field of competitiveness and growth; lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics, Centre of Europe at the University of Warsaw, University of Gdańsk, National School of Public Administration in Poland, and at the Polish Institute of International Affairs; for more see: www.adamambroziak.eu.