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Facing the Challenges in European Union. Re-thinking of EU Education and Research for Smart and Inclusive Growth (EuInteg)” is the title of the project that aims to present the Polish vision of further actions that need to be undertaken while preparing European strategy of economic and social development, acquaintance international audience with the successes of the Polish systematic and economic transformation and enable transfer of knowledge on transformation during international, intergenerational, interdisciplinary and multisectorial debate.

The EuInteg project fulfills two of Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs communication priorities in the field of public and cultural diplomacy for 2015: promoting the success of economic transformation (priority b) and promoting democratization, development of civic society and protection of human rights worldwide (priority c).

EuInteg’s primary target groups include representatives of research institutions, opinion makers, administration, and particularly university researchers in Poland, EU member states and Eastern Partnership member states, researchers and employees of research institutions and think tanks in aforementioned states, businessman, employers, entrepreneurs, members of non-governmental organizations interested in international relations, European studies and civil society, Ph.D. students, students, teachers and high school pupils from Poland and abroad.

EuInteg will initialize debate in Poland that will aim at preparation of specific recommendations for EU member states, EU institutions and third parties related to challenges they are facing. The recommendations will be based on the rich Polish experience of the past 25 years of successful multidimensional and multidirectional systematic transformation. The conference will constitute an environment for debate between representatives of different milieus and generations and will stimulate the participants to initiate actions in EU member states and third states based on the ideas of intelligent, sustainable and inclusive social and economic growth. The future growth should relay on intergenerational and intercultural social solidarity which seems to be of key importance for filling gaps on the job market caused by ageing of EU society. Results of the individual and team research should stimulate an increase in innovativeness of the Polish economy as well as increase in the competitiveness of the Polish science, research and economy.