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Due to its interdisciplinary character the conference is open to the representatives of different fields, in particular:

  1. Polish, European and Eastern Partnership scientists,
  2. Polish and foreign researchers and employees of universities, public and private research institutions and think tanks.
  3. Members of scientific associations interested in international, European and educational studies,
  4. Doctoral students and students of the Polish and foreign institutions,
  5. High school teachers and students,
  6. Businessman,
  7. Non-governmental organizations,
  8. International organizations,
  9. EU and national public administration.

One of the important aims of the project is activation of young researchers and professionals from Poland and other states, particularly Eastern Partnership States. Therefore young researchers (Ph.D.s), doctoral students and professionals representing different scientific centres, research institutions and non-governmental organizations will take active part in preparation and implementation of the project. One of the international panels during the conference will be reserved for young speakers from different states of Europe. Devoting so much time and resources during the project to the youth, the Polish European Community Studies Associations stresses the importance of the part played by the European youth in the progress of science, research and education in the EU. We also stress the immense potential of the youth representing scientific, political, business and non-governmental milieus in the shaping of the future EU.