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The Polish Bank Association

The Polish Bank Association (Związek Banków Polskich) is a self-governing association of banks in Poland. The ZBP has been established in January 1991 and operates under the Chambers of Commerce Act of 30 May 1989. The Polish Bank Association’s mission is to:

“contribute to conditions for sustainable development of the Polish banking system, help the banks’ in their activities supportive of economic growth in Poland and of the single European market for financial services, and to strengthen the role of Polish banks”

The ZBP membership is voluntary and comprises banks operating in Poland, incorporated under Polish legislation. The Polish Bank Association gathers 107 commercial banks, branches of credit institutions and cooperative banks whose assets represent more than 95 percent of the Polish banking sector.

The main areas of the Polish Bank Association’s activity are to:

  • Represent and protect common interest of ZBP Members as regards banking legal regulations in Poland and internationally
  • Issue advice and expert opinions, and delegate representatives to participate in the work of advisory and consultative institutions concerning banking activities
  • Participate as experts in legislative work of Polish Parliament’s committees
  • Cooperate with the National Bank of Poland, the government and relevant ministries on the operation of laws and regulations of the Polish banking system
  • Organize information exchange between banks
  • Promote the banking sector and its services
  • Build inter-bank infrastructure
  • Support the standardization of banking products and services, and incorporate into the Polish banking system the solutions and self-regulation measures resulting from membership of EU and European Banking Federation
  • Disseminate the knowledge of banking and raise public awareness on business and economic  matters
  • Operate the Banking Ombudsman Scheme and other conciliation and arbitration services (including ZBP Court of Arbitration)
  • Contribute to the development and promote the Good Banking Practice Principles via the Banking Ethics Committee
  • Support the participation of the banking sector in the process of absorption of EU funds
  • Disseminate professional training and coordinate training programmes for banking staff as part of the System of Polish Banking Qualification Standards
  • Nurture security and stability of the banking sector, including by participating in the work of the Bank Guarantee Fund Council.


The Association has played essential role in establishing banking infrastructure institutions such as: Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S.A. (clearing house), Biuro Informacji Kredytowej S.A. (credit information bureau), Centrum Prawa Bankowego i Informacji (Centre for Banking Law and Information, which publishes the BANK monthly). The ZBP also cooperates with Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej InfoMonitor S.A.

The ZBP has established the institution of a Bankowy Arbitraż Konsumencki (Banking Ombudsman). The Ombudsman scheme resolves disputes between consumers (bank customers) and banks for monetary claims due to non-performed or faulty performed services by banks for the consumer. The Banking Consumer Arbitration (BAK) currently involves all ZBP member banks and those non-associated cooperative banks willing to collaborate with the BAK.

The Association takes active part in the work of the Rada Systemu Płatniczego (Payment System Board) affiliated to the National Bank of Poland (NBP) and of Bankowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny (the Bank Guarantee Fund), conducts consultations with the Ministry of Finance, the standing Committees of the Polish Parliament, Komisja Nadzoru Bankowego (The Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Koalicja na rzecz obrotu bezgotówkowego (the Coalition for Non-cash Payments and Micropayments), and the Association of Polish Voivodeships.

Within the Association operate several dozen problem teams, committees and councils whose task is to develop and issue opinions and positions on matters crucial for the operation of the Polish banking system. They are also focal points integrating the banking community around common projects.

The ZBP represents the Polish banking sector outside Poland, by participating in the work of the European Banking Federation, the International Chamber of Commerce and the European Payments Council. The ZBP is the assigned EPC partner coordinating work aimed at launching the single euro payments area (SEPA) in Poland.

The Association participates in the work of the Fundacja Godła „Teraz Polska”, sponsors the Financial Forum „Your Money”, and organizes regular conferences and congresses: Forum Bankowe (Banking Forum), SEPA Forum Poland, Kongres Gospodarki Elektronicznej (Digital Economy Congress), Forum Korporacyjne (Corporate Forum), Forum Bankowo-Samorządowe (Banking and Self-Government Forum), Kongres Finansowania Nieruchomości Mieszkaniowych (Residential Real-Estate Financing Forum) and Club Poland 2015+ meetings.

The ZBP sponsors the prestigious Marian Krzak Award in journalism, meant for the journalists and feature writers who cover banking issues. The Association is appreciated for its overall activities, and especially for establishing the institution of the Banking Ombudsman. It has been also honoured with „European Pearl” and „Amico Europae” Awards for institutional input to the promotion of the European idea in Poland, and for establishing the Polish banking infrastructure based on European models.

Affiliated to the Polish Bank Association is the Banker’s Club which hosts many conferences and events, and playing an integrating role for the banking community.

More information can be found at the website of the Polish Bank Association at:  www.zbp.pl