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Alojzy Z.
Vice-Rector for Research and Liaison, University of Warsaw
Polish European Community Studies Association

Scientific career

  • 2002 – Professor in Economics, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • 1997 – Postgraduate Studies in International Economics at RUCA, Antwerp
  • 1996 – Postgraduate Studies in Economics, Free University of Berlin
  • 1995 – Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Economics, University of Warsaw
  • 1993 – Postgraduate Studies in Finance and Banking, University of Exeter, Great Britain
  • 1992 – Postgraduate Studies in Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
  • 1991 – Ph.D. in Economics, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • 1984 – M.S. in Economics, Main School of Commerce, Warsaw, Poland

Professional experience

since 2012 – Vice-Rector of the University of Warsaw for Research and Liaison

Previous experience

  • Dean of the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw
  • Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw for International Cooperation
  • Director of the European Centre of the University of Warsaw
  • Head of the Chair of National Economy at the Faculty of Management of UW
  • Head of the Section of International Economic Relations at the Faculty of Management of UW
  • Chair of Banking and Insurance at Kozminski University in Warsaw
  • President of MBA Program, University of Warsaw and University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign
  • Visits and apprenticeships at universities abroad, among others, University of Cambridge; Postgraduate Business School (Grenoble, France), Rostov University, University of North Colorado, University of North Florida, Sam Houston State University, Freie Universitat Berlin, The Catholic University of America (Washington, DC), American University (Washington, DC), University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign, the Salzburg Seminars on American Studies (Austria), University of Exeter (U.K.), University of Machackala (Russia), University of Tartu (Estonia)

Honours and membership

  • Editor-in-chief "Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics" (London), "Yearbook on Polish European Studies", "Mazovia – Regional Studies" (Warsaw) and Vice Editor-in-chief of "Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law" (England), "International Business" (FL, USA)
  • The Minister’s of Higher Education Prize, 2003 – for the book: European Integration. The Chance for Poland?, 2002
  • Member of "Euro – America North-Atlantic Association" (Brussels), "European Alliance for Asian Studies Committee" (Singapur), the Academy of International Business, Program Committee "Gazeta Bankowa" (Warsaw), Program Committee – Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Jury in National Bank of Poland Competition reviewing the Ph.D. and M.S. Thesis on Banking and Monetary Policy, the Jury reviewing the Ph.D. and M.S. Thesis on Insurance, the Advisory Committee of NewConnect to the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the Board of Supervisors Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, PKO BP, PTE WARTA S.A.
  • Member of Editorial Board "International Business. Research, Teaching and Practice. The Journal of the Academy of International Business Southeast Chapter", "Review of Economic Sciences" (Greece), "Encyclopedia of the Developing World" (Chicago), "European Studies", "Foundations of Management"
  • The Ministers of Higher Education Prize, 1996 – for the book: Banks and the Households-Dynamics of Development, Warsaw 1995
  • since 1993 – Chosen by the EEC-Commission in Brussels as a member of Team of Europe
  • Reviewer of the CIPE (Washington DC), PWE S.A. (Warsaw)
  • President of Scientific Board "Problems of Management"
  • President and Vice President of the Board of Supervisors EUROLOT
  • Chairman of the Research Board of the National Bank of Poland
  • President of the University Sports Association – University of Warsaw
  • Expert of the Ministry of Agriculture and of the Council of the Social and Economic Strategy to the Prime Minister

Grants, research funding

Principal Investigator of NATO – Grant; SAIPEKS Project ("SAIPEKS-Study Abroad and Internship Program for European and Korean Students"), together with 3 European partner universities from Finland, UK and Slovenia; Strategy of adjustment Candidate Countries to the EU Standards (together with Bocconi University); Partner and Principal Investigator in the Program entitled: The EU Through the eyes of Asia, sponsored by Asia-Europe Foundation in Singapore; grant from PHARE Programme entitled: "Consumer Credits"; grant from PHARE Programme entitled: "Stabilising and Destabilising Effects of Integration of the Polish Economy with the European Union"; grant from PHARE FIESTA II Programme Management Box, entitled: "Polish Economy and the Single Market in the European Union"; grant from the ACE PHARE Programme entitled: "Barriers to Integration in Transitional Countries – Competition Policy View"; grant from Polish Ministry of Higher Education: Economics Instruments in the Reforming Economy; grant from Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education: The Role of Capital market in the Economy

Research interests

Banking, international economics, risk management in financial markets and capital markets, macro and microeconomics, economic analysis of the EU

Last publications

  • European Economic Integration. Chances and Challenges, Warszawa 2007
  • Jewropejska intiegracija, Lwów 2006
  • Integracja europejska. Szansa dla Polski?, Warszawa 2002
  • Polska bankowość w procesie integracji z Unią Europejską, Warszawa 1999

Conference Topics

DAY I - 11:40 – 13:00 – Session I
DAY I - 17:30 – 18:45 – Session IV - Panelists