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Irena E.
Director of Institute of Statistics and Demography, Collegium of Economic Analysis, Warsaw School of Economics

Professor of Demography in the Warsaw School of Economics; Head of the Demography Unit at the Institute of Statistics and Demography; a Vice Chair of the Advisory Board for the Foundation for Polish Science; a Chair of the Committee on Demographic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences.

Main fields of research interest are: population and economy; fertility, family, gender and labour market; population ageing; demographic projections; population-related policy, social policy.

She is the country-level coordinator of the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP), the international research on causes and consequences of family dynamics, gender and intergenerational relationships. The programme includes survey data from 19 countries and a complimentary contextual database which includes macro-level indicators and policy information. She is a member of the GGP Consortium Board and the elected chair of the GGP Council of Partners.

She served as a national expert for the FP7 Social Sciences and Humanities Programme Committee (2008-2012), the Subcommittee on Social Statistics of the European Advisory Committee on Statistical Information in the Economic and Social Spheres for Eurostat (CEIES) (2005-2008), and the Expert Group on Social Investment for Growth and Cohesion (2012-2013), European Commission. Currently, she is working as an expert for the European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC) (since 2008) and the Population Europe (since 2010).

At the country level, she is working as an expert for the Central Statistical Office, the Ministry of Science and High Education, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment, and the National Centre of Science. She is a member of the Government Population Council. In the years 2012-2014 she served as a key expert for the expert group on family policy at the President’s of Poland Office.

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