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Mehmet Ali
PhD Candidate
Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw

Mehmet Ali Ozcobanlar is a PhD student in the Faculty of Management at University of Warsaw. He studied foreign trade and business administration in Turkey. He has completed post graduate studies “International Business” at University of Warsaw and completed a module in Applied Economics and Business MAREB Master at Universitat Automa de Barcelona, Spain. He was a lecturer of EU economic policies in the Middle East and Turkey, Anatolian Tigers and Liberalization in Turkey classes for International Business Programme (MA) in faculty of management at the University of Warsaw. He currently cooperates with department of philology and sociology of management at University of Warsaw as a co lecturer in HRM classes. He has published an article titled “Cross Cultural Dimensions of Cultural Capital a Comparison between Greece and Turkey” in Canadian Social Science. His primary fields of interest are: cross cultural management, human resources and humanistic management, cultural distinctions and diversity management.

Conference Topics

DAY II - Session IV - Room 2A - Turkey-EU interactive commercial activities