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Department of Economics
Erasmus University Rotterdam

His research and publications mostly concern European and worldwide economic and social policy processes. He has published widely on these subjects. His latest books are 'Governing the World Economy’ (2014) and ‘Cohesion and growth; Theory and practice of European Policy making’ (2015).

Prof. Molle has also a broad experience in policy advice. He has been associated to ECORYS Research and Consulting in several senior roles. He has contributed to many multinational projects mainly for the aspects of analytical approach and strategic policy making.

Conference Topics

DAY I - 10:00 – 11:40 – Opening panel - Effective response to major challenges: Rationale and modalities of EU action in International Organisations
DAY I - 14:00 – 15:30 – Session II - Cohesion and growth: is the EU system fit to face the challenges beyond 2020?